Flag Division

Player and coaches conduct will be covered by the league rules
- All players must wear a mouthpiece. Players will not be permitted to play without one.
- Players must be 5 years of age by July 31 to be eligible to play and/or entering kindergarten of first grade.
-6 players per side,3 down linemen per side(center and 2 guards) and 3 players in the back field on offense and 3 players off the line "linebacker" type positions on defense. Must line up head to head
-Player must engage each other on when playing on the line and no blitzing is permitted
-Passing is permitted. If the ball has not been thrown in 7 seconds the play is considered dead and loss of down will occur.
- Coaches can be on the filed and instruct players during play
- Play will start on the 5 yard line for each possession
- A quarter will consist of each offense running 6 consecutive plays (12 plays total /qtr) regardless of the outcome. If the ball is turned over or if the offenses scores during the play the offense retains possession until all 6 plays have been run. Games will not exceed 75 min.in length
- Fielded dimensions will be sideline to far hash mark (about 35 yards wide) and 50 yards long with a 5 yard end zone at each end.
- Each player will play all positions every game. No player can played a skilled position on offense until all players have had the opportunity to play receiver, quarterback and running at least once.
-Extra points will be one point for a 5 yard run and 2 points for a completed pass from the 2.5 yard or a run from the 10 yard line.
- There will be a 1 min break between quarters and 5 min halftime.
- More detailed rules will be completed to include additional aspects of the game.

Senior Flag
- Players must be entering 2nd grade
- rules will be the same as entry level with the following exceptions and subject to change.
- Blitzing wild be permitted once per for downs but players must still make contact with offensive lineman prior to crossing the line of scrimmage.
- Offense will have 4 downs to reach midfield and an additional four downs to score. If the offense fails to get to midfield or score, the other team will take possession at their own 5 yard line.
- If the ball is intercepted or fumbled and recovered by the defense, the offense will lose possessions and the other team will take possession at the spot of the ball at the end of the play. Turnovers can be advanced by the defense.
- Coaches can be on the field during play but will not instruct players once the ball is in play.
- Quarters wild consist of a 10 min running clock but will stop for injuries and each coach will be given 1 time out per half. Games will not exceed 75 min in length.